How to Make a Cock of Running a Record Label!

How It Started!

Shane Hughes

1/23/2022 1 min read

A bit of background....

At some point during lockdown something strange happened and I decided it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to start a record label - with all that time to think you'd think I'd have thought this through properly hey!


My names Shane and I used to have a music career back in the early 90s with a rave outfit called Awesome 3. We parted ways in the 90s but as a committed raver and dance music enthusiast, it always left me a bit bereft that I had done that. I missed the production side of things and to a lesser degree, DJing which I had dabbled with but not to any great degree.

So during lockdown I decided to buy myself a new set of Technics to play my vinyl collection on and replace the old Stantons. I then changed my mind and went digital - a great move I have to say. This then lead to me inadvertantly connecting with Lynne Tait on social media and talking again to Steve Gorton. Before long I was round at his house and we were talking music again - and now here we are.

The label began so I could publish Awesome 3 tunes and side projects for band members but it’s progressed from there. I now want to work with new talent, to give a foot on the ladder. More to come on that issue.

I ought to add that during the past 25 years or more, I have worked in business and currently hold down a demanding role in operations which keeps me massively busy most of the time!

So why am I starting this blog? Mainly because I want to share my learning as I progress - especially the countless things I have done wrong! I want to make sure others don't make the same mistake! I want to learn from others who are willing to share and input in to the blog - there aren't many of them around I have found out to my pain!

I will do what I can to share ideas on how not to market, contract, distribute , create art and everthing else that goes with this gig! I will also share the philosophy of the record label and what I want to achieve.